first born

you came to me as a blessing from the most high

conceived of love and patience

growing within me over time

taking the form of truth

in contemplation about when you would make your presence known

and your message understood

manifesting your own destiny

while shining a light on mine

causing my elements to expand in anticipation of your arrival

amazing to think that i nourished your to life

even more amazing to know that you breathed life into the depths of my soul

giving meaning to my existence

and essence to my being

your birth

a long and difficult process

i never knew joy and pain to occupy the same space

the same moment in time

but i know now

and i cherish you

you are my first born

with so many names

for every time i see you

you mean something different to me

something more

something greater


who came to me as a blessing from the most high

conceived of love

making me whole

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