i am

my skin is brown and clear

for knowledge is more purifying than water

and i have been blessed with a permanent thirst

it's bittersweet

and never satisfying enough

but the craving is strong

my hair


roots kinky and smooth like the reggae

you can't jimmy my locs

there's no master key

to master is the key

the knowledge flows free for those with truth thirst

eyes brown

and deep like hearts and souls

into which you can see if you have the vision

who am i?

beautiful African woman

not born on the continent

not yet blessed enough to suckle from Mama's teat

or bury my fears in the warmth of her bosom

but Africa is not where you live

She is who you are


i am

beautiful African woman




& dedicated to the upliftment of my people

my brothers and sisters

no money to offer



for there is nothing that can keep me from loving you

and no one who can stop me from teaching you

this life

this world

this universe

i look at you

and i see myself

we are one

melinated descendants of the sun

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